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  • alternative for conventional fine aggregate. In this study the compressive strength characteristics of mortar and concrete made with partial replacement of fine aggregate using induction furnace slag was considered. For the experimental investigation, mixes were prepared with fine aggregate replacement using 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent and 60 percent induction furnace slag ...A Study of the Replacement of Natural Coarse .The aim of this study is to conduct an experimental investigation on the influence of complete replacement of natural coarse aggregate with spherically-shape and crushed waste cathode ray tube (CRT) glass to the aspect of workability, density, and compressive strength of the concrete. After characterizing the glass, a group of concrete mixes was prepared to contain a 40% spherical CRT .(PDF) Experimental study of crushed aggregate .Aggregate shape is a key parameter that influences mixtures properties. This paper accou nts for a closely controlled experimental program aimed at clarifying the variation of aggregate s hape with...

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    For the study in the mortar, the crushed aggregates were sepa-rated in fractions by sieving and composed to obtain the same granulometric distribution for all the aggregates. The mortars made with the crushing aggregates from the VSI showed higher fluidity, lower air content and higher compressive strength when compared to the crushed aggregates pro-duced in the cone crusher. Keywords: crushed ...Experimental study of crushed aggregate shape - .01.04.2007 · Aggregate shape is a key parameter that influences mixtures properties. This paper accounts for a closely controlled experimental program aimed at clarifying the variation of aggregate shape with two parameters, gyratory crusher setting and feed grading. The results show that crusher setting has a significant influence on the flakiness index of ...CHARACTERIZATION OF FINE AGGREGATES IN CONCRETE BY ...In this study, different types of fine aggregate used in concrete, namely river sand and crushed limestone, are selected for morphological characterization. Traditional sieve analysis and laser diffraction method are employed for separation and size analysis of specimens. Different types of fine aggregate samples with comparable size ranges are then analyzed by two advanced dry (static) and ...

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    We regret to inform you that the publisher of this article, Elsevier, has removed their content from DeepDyve. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer options for .DeepDyve - Unlimited Access to Peer-Reviewed .DeepDyve is the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.A laser-based assessment of road construction .Experimental research was undertaken to exploit the use of an innovative laser scanning tool and to apply the equipment to the study of (G1) road construction aggregate obtained from crushed rock quarry sources. The aim of the research was to better quantify particle shape and surface texture characteristics and an attempt was made to relate these to the shear strength properties of the ...A Experimental Study on the Material .Abstract. An investigation for long-term strength characteristics of crushed sand concrete using crushed sands produced in Yang-san, Kim-hae and Jin-hae that can be assumed to resEffect of crushed sand on mortar and concrete .This article describes an experimental study conducted on fresh mortars and concretes made with crushed sand. The aim of this research was to assess the effect of aggregate particle shape and surface texture as well as dust content on mortar and concrete rheology. The experimental programme also addressed the impact of angular grains on chemical admixture performance and concrete .Concrete aggregates properties crushed by jaw .01.01.2019 · Case study B: analyses of properties of RCA made from demolished building concrete components for application as new concrete for buildings. The concrete waste included other low strength concrete types. All the concrete samples were composed of natural aggregates (crushed granite/gneiss), homogeneous, without organic materials. Both were ...

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